Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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200 Afghans, mostly women escape Afghanistan with help of Canadian charity : worldnews

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The federal government confirmed on Sunday that it plans to resettle the female students and their families in Saskatoon.

“The Canadian government selected Saskatoon,” he said. “It’s a fantastic place for them to settle.”

Federal Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said Canada will “exhaust all the options to help Afghan refugees get to safety in our country.”

“Offering refuge to women, girls and persecuted minorities is at the heart of Canada’s humanitarian response to the crisis in Afghanistan,’” Mendicino told The Canadian Press.

“Over 200 girls and their families will soon begin new lives in Saskatchewan, which is further proof of that commitment and we’re not stopping there.”

On Aug. 13, the federal government announced it would resettle 20,000 Afghans who had fled their country, and set up a special program for especially vulnerable Afghans, including women leaders, human rights activists, journalists, persecuted minorities and members of the LGBT community, as well as the family members of former interpreters who have previously fled to Canada.

But yes. “JT’s” government isn’t doing anything.

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