Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

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Two new species of “ancient plants” have just been discovered in Australia. They’re in the path of a new highway. : worldnews

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Not without risk. When you’ve got a plant that is only in one place and hasn’t been studied, it’s unknown what aspects of that place are important for the survival of the plant.

There could be peculiarities of the soil composition, or dependencies on local fungi or occasionally insects. Or the microclimate might be critical.

Normally you would try to re-locate a few, and see what works. That can be time consuming. In the case of the underground orchids, they had been relocated, but in the new location they went a few to several months, then they flowered once, and then died.

In this case the time’s not the problem. There’s only one female that they know about. If it dies, everything we could learn from it is gone forever.

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