Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

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Bahria Town, a corrupt real estate entity in the Sindh region of Pakistan has started attacking and shooting at Sindhi villagers and destroying their crops in order to take over their land. : worldnews

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A resident of Karachi’s Gadap Town was shot at and wounded on Friday in firing allegedly carried out by private guards and policemen in civvies during Bahria Town Karachi’s move to bulldoze several agricultural lands to pave the way for housing projects in the outskirts of the city.

Villagers were protesting against the BTK personnel and demanding that the injured person be handed over to them and a First Information Report be lodged against the BTK guards.

Grand Democratic Alliance leader Ayaz Latif Palijo alleged that the BTK administration “Has opened fire on the local people of Kathor and Gadap, who are resisting the land grabbing of [BTK].”

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