Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

This domain is for sale!

This domain is for sale!

Fruit Squad – The Cutest Tower Defense Game

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◎◎◎The Cutest Tower Defense FREE Game Ever!◎◎◎

Our mission is to stomp out bugs and kill the radishes!
There is an adorable basket of fruity warriors, each one has their own unique skills. Mix them up as you want, let them charge through pesky bugs and radishes to secure the final victory!

※4 Seasons: Experience Spring’s awakening, Summer’s tides, Fall’s aridity, and Winter’s harshness.

※5 Major Modes: Money Mode, Competition Mode, Onslaught Mode, Revenge Mode & Survival Mode! Danger lurks everywhere, are you ready to start the adventure?

※7-Day Challenge: Kill the radishes, and win the hand of the Mangosteen Maiden!

※13 Heroes: 13 distinct heroes are waiting for your collection, and countless combinations are left for you to try out.

※60 Stages: We’re always keeping updating. And more stages are waiting for you to unlock, what are you waiting for? Download now!

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By Hangzhou Mention Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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