Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

This domain is for sale!

This domain is for sale!

Fun Shapes – An interactive app with puzzle for children to learn about shapes.

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‘Fun Shapes’ is a fun, interactive and very useful educational app with Puzzle for toddlers, preschool children, homeschoolers or anyone to learn about different shapes (circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, and more). Children can learn by themselves using intuitive workflow and user-interface, however, parents can also use this app to teach their children about shapes.

The cool thing is, this app is (and would) remain free forever; Doesn’t contain ads and or any in-app purchases, and would remain ad-free and in-app-purchase-free forever.

If you like the app, please take sometime to review the app. Your review helps many other people.

Features include:

• Shapes: square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, prism and more.
• An interesting Puzzle to solve
• Rich graphics for better user experience
• Voiceover (English) throughout the app
• Background sound (with mute/un-mute option)


Language(s): ‘Fun Shapes’ app is only available in English as of now, more languages might be added in future.


Age group(s): 1 year onwards; useful for anyone who wants to learn about shapes.


About us:

Allies Interactive is a creative design and software company in India. Since it’s inception in 1998, we have helped thousands of individuals, companies and startups to build their products and services.

Around a couple of years back, Allies Interactive has started building it’s own products. ‘Fun Shapes’ is one of the first apps we have created as part of our product development initiative, hence it is free (and would remain free forever – with more features to come in future).

Allies Interactive’s mission is to create beautiful and useful products (apps, web, software, internet of things, and more).


Privacy Policy:
‘Fun Shapes’ app:
• does not contain ads
• does not contain any in-app purchases
• contains links to our facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+ pages
• contains link to our website(s)

Read our entire privacy policy at


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By Allies Interactive

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