Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

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Joe Biden to announce executive actions to address gun violence – live | US news

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The actions include a directive that the justice department, within the next month, issue proposed regulations on ‘ghost guns’ – unregistered firearms that can be assembled from parts.

Biden will also direct the justice department to clarify regulations to ensure that pistols fitted with stabilizing braces, which essentially transform them into rifles, will be regulated under the National Firearms Act. Pistols are cheaper, and easier to carry across state lines, whereas rifles are more regulated.

And the president will ask various agencies to direct more resources to community violence prevention measures, and call on the justice department to develop model ‘red flag’ laws – which allow family members to petition courts to take firearms away from people who are deemed a threat – for states to take up and adopt. Several states, including Colorado, already have red flag laws on the books.

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