Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

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Water Dinosaur Learning – Kids Puzzle Color Pages

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Let’s your child enjoy learning to know on water dinosaur. Learn to practice correct pronunciation and know a vocabulary of water dinosaur with a colorful picture. Start your kid’s education today with Water Dinosaur Learning.

This App includes 3 games:
1. [Vocabulary Flash Cards]
– Learn to know water dinosaur’s name from A to Z.
– Find out how to spelling with correct pronunciation.
– Enjoy with water dinosaur vocabulary and flash card from A to Z.

2. [Shadow Games]
– Enjoy to know a shadow of each water dinosaur.
– Learn how to speaking water dinosaur’s name.

3. [Coloring Book]
– Enjoy coloring 18 pages of water dinosaur.
– Share your coloring picture.

Perfect for kids, learn to know about water dinosaur with funny games >>> FREE Download!

By Jadet Daengsaengtien

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