Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

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This domain is for sale!

Looking mistake of Masterpiece

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Looking mistake is an app that has condensed image problem to get the “aha experience” that activates the nerve cells in the brain.
While relaxing feeling, it is right for you to be the head of the gymnastics.
please pay attention to image around,
Do you notice that somewhere change is happening?
Please attempt to clear its mystery of esoteric question.
The goodness of the head, is not only knowledge and computational power. This activation giving a stimulus to the brain through the game “aha experience” Let’s experience.

~~ How ~~
Game of the method of operation is easy and safe.
Part of the image of the problem at the same time you start the game will continue to change.
If you notice in a location that has changed, and tap the place!
It becomes clear the stage if splendidly correct answer, you will be able to clear from the current stage.
If you accidentally tap the wrong place, it will once again start over the game is over.
Aha experience to activate the brain and also look at the video on you know the answer, you can see the answer when you do not know really.
Now, let’s clear to interpretation the mystery of the mysterious question!


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