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This domain is for sale!

Sumon Number Plus Free – smash hit & snappy eliminate number tile game,sum 2048 + target numbers

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Sumon Number Plus Puzzle is a fun and easy to use game to keep you stimulated with your math skills. This addictive game is targeted to keep your brain fit by challenging the numeric processing area of your brain. Practice mental calculations and have fun at the same time with this game.

The objective is easy: you have to tap the numbered boxes and put them together until they add up to the correct sum. As you clear levels, the challenge becomes greater. Choose your gameplay mode (classic, progressive or respawn) and become the king of addition.

Only five to ten minutes a day gives you a great way to keep yourself sharp and challenged.

This games is part of the “Brain Fitness Matters!” series designed to keep your brain healthy and fit. Each part in the series is focused towards a different functional area of the brain such as memory, visual processing, language processing and cognitive function.

How to play:

– Tap the necessary numbers to plus them until they add up to the correct number.

– Clear the entire panel to move on to the next level

– The more boxes you use, the more points you’ll get.

– Points are multiplied for using many numbers.

– The further the numbers are away from each other, the more points you will get.

Only the brightest and quickest minds will reach the highest levels.Enjoy with confidence, keep your math skills sharp!

By Jun Lu

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