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This domain is for sale!

Ball in Line Game

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^Collect Dragon Ball to summon the Holy Dragon for a mysterious gift! (Free) ^

In order to help people achieve their dream, The Holy Dragon color placed Dragon Ball in different places. To collect them, you must complete challenges to prove your strength to Holy Dragon!

Each time collected seven Dragon Balls, you can summon Holy Dragon to appear! The Holy Dragon will meet Summoner’s wishes and give him/her gifts. Dragon Balls will once again hidden into colorful crystal ball, and wait for challengers to search and collect.

How many Dragon Balls can you collect?

In order to help challengers collect Dragon Ball. The Holy Dragon produced various magic items with their unique abilities.
Make good use of magic items, you will be able to collect Dragon Balls quickly!

golden cudgel
      According to legend, the Monkey King had used this weapon, its direction can be changed at any time.
      It is used to collect more than a crystal ball, and can be upgraded with length increasing.

      Used to collect the specified crystal balls, and can be upgraded to with ball number increasing.

Dragon Ball radar
      Based on GPS technology combined with modern science and technology to create a Dragon Ball Tracker.
      Locate Dragon Ball within several rounds.

Golden Ring
      Keep a place empty in several rounds.

crystal ball transfer
      Move crystal ball directly to the specified location.

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