Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

This domain is for sale!

This domain is for sale!


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The 冰雪跳跳乐FrozenHappyJump is a 3D game. The map of the game is like a sandbox. You can run, jump, or explore anywhere for searching Treasure chest in the scene. Less limitation of controlling. More freedom in the game. This game use a original jump script in 3D world by myself. The jump control and the difficulty of the map are carefully designed and tested. More shorter loading time to More Big scene. The method of detecting fall down hight is creative. That means you only dead when you fall down enough. Every level difficulty and the time cost is carefully designed.
Two new maps of about hundred maps will be released every week like a novel. This model is suitable for modern high efficiency, fast paced life. Player can have fan as soon as possible. The new map will be full of expectation. The popular element can be introduced to the game. That will gets unexpected gains and results. The player will always play a newest map. The player don’t need to wait a long time to get a big update. The comment of the game also be helpful to lead the new map style. The interaction between the designer and player that is the fun of this game.
That’s a free game. Every level need to be unlocked by getting enough diamond. The diamond can be collected by passing level or buying by money. Some good level has more difficulty, the free player can take time to collect the diamonds too, but more time.
The second stage, the game will introduce game props, character, skill, skin, and so on, to enrich the content of the game.
The gameplay experience is the most important of all. That will improve for ever.
For support Xcode 6 and IOS 8, updating the engine and optimizing the game performance. The multitouch, the move play are carefully tested to have a comfortable experience.
This game is funny and challenge. This game will subvert the 2D jump game and Run game. This game will be a new style game in mobile game, more and more game will imitate it. Maybe it will be another angry bird or another Temple Run.

By Zongfei Mou

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