Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

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This domain is for sale!


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The fortunes of two characters sitting on a seesaw are in your hands – use finesse and impeccable timing to launch them into the air and collect the goodies above! But overdo it and they might just jump into the dangerous spikes above…. As usual the stakes are high in the Mascoteers’ latest release!

Yes, the masters of puzzle physics games have delivered again, providing an all new, original challenge that will put your intuitions, timing and endurance to the test.

True to its name, this is a game of balance where the player needs to control two characters sitting on either side of – you guessed it – a seesaw. By controlling the speed at which the seesaw moves and the distribution of weight on either side, you’re able to determine how high each character is flung into the air. The aim is to collect candy in the air while avoiding spikes that are constantly changing positions.

The action is fast-paced from the get-go, so be ready for edge-of-your-seat gameplay!

By The Mascoteers

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