Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

This domain is for sale!

This domain is for sale!

Lands of War

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Amazing war assault game now available for your favorite devices! Get ready for epic pvp assault battles, train whole army of gnomes, orcs, mages, elves and hobbits. Attack your friends and foes, unite in clans, win in epic clan wars. Get started from tiny village, build an unapproachable tower city full of deadly dangerous towers and fortifications. Produce gold, provisions and magic resources, research outstanding battle spells, crash down the rains of huge stones, guide hurricanes and even fireballs on your enemy’s heads! Travel through the middle earth to the Iron Tower, liberate every piece of ground from the forces of evil, play the Lands of War!


* Fully synchronized – play the same game on desktop and mobile

* Amazing vibrant HD grapihcs, smooth animations, stunning effects

* Unique powerful upgradable battle units, every one with its own smart behaviour and abilities

* REAL exciting clan wars

* Lots of quest for faster progress, 50 world locations to complete

* Weekly clan tournaments for everyone!

* Fair player and clan ratings

* LOTS of things to discover, MANY players to compete with

* No boring stuff!

By NevoGames

Download from Itunes

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