Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

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This domain is for sale!

Defend the Kingdom Castle Frontier: Brave the Royal Empire Legends

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Are you looking for a game that’s so exciting it will transport you to another world? In this game you’ll be swept away by the detailed graphics and exciting gameplay and feel as though you’ve been set in another time.

You must defend the village! It may sound easy, but it’s anything but simple.

As you protect what’s yours, you’ll add towers and shoot at those who would see you harm. Of course, you need ammunition if you’re going to fight back and what better way to buy it than with gold? To get more gold, just tap on the gold bar.

With more than 90 levels and 6 scenarios, you’ll be entertained for hours. Finish one scenario and move on to the next with one of the 35 different characters. If you’re ready for a quest that will have you coming back for more, look no further. Start your adventure today!

* Great for all ages
* Amazing graphics
* Universal app supports iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
* Addictive Gaming

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By NetSummit Enterprises, Inc.

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