Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

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Israel approved grant to Tennessee anti-Muslim ‘hate group’ : worldnews

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The Israeli government approved a grant to a Tennessee-based Christian Zionist organization that is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s watch list of hate groups, according to a government spreadsheet acquired by the Forward.

The grant to PJTN was part of a broader push by the ministry to support pro-Israel groups fighting BDS in the United States, which has raised questions about whether those groups properly disclosed the support they received from foreign entities.

South Africa – which has not had an ambassador to Israel since 2018, and where several leaders of the ruling African National Congress party have compared Israel to their country’s former apartheid regime – is one of Israel’s top public diplomacy targets, said Yotam Gidron, the author of “Israel in Africa” and a PhD student at Durham University in England.

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