Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

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Australia coronavirus live update: China tensions in spotlight as NSW relaxes Victoria border rules – latest news | Australia news

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Indeed, in relation to Victoria, we have been very supportive of the measures to ensure we quarantine Victoria from the rest of the nation to stop the spread there of Covid19.

What I would urge the state and territory leaders to do, is not be closed minded and not to shut down and instead to engage in an evidence based approach of looking at how hotspots can be used, as a means to facilitate greater movement of people across Australia, without jeopardising health outcomes, and this is something other countries have done (in developing these hotspot approaches)

I find it incredible disappointing that a premier like Annastacia Palaszczuk would be so closed minded, to even looking at the evidence, rule it out before she has seen it.

What that is doing is jeopardising jobs, livelihoods…and that will continue to be lost if we have this approach from the state and territory leaders, in some cases, simply maintain border closures, indefinitely, with a blanket approach rather than the evidence, and working constructively, as they should, and to develop a hotspot definition to give you greater confidence and saving jobs and livelihoods for their fellow Australians.

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