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Accents – LSP

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Accents – Spanish Game
If you want your children to write properly and develop their written expression while they revise the grammar, the application Accents is the solution. You can also download the Spanish learning game ”Spelling”, which is very useful. With Little Smart Planet, learning how to write in a fun way, is possible. Encourage them to play!

Let’s start the game! In this occasion you will become a friendly fireman who enjoys wetting the correct words with his hose. Be aware of the ones you have to look for in each text so you don’t make a mistake. You will have to identify nouns and adjectives but mostly, know very well the accent rules.
Show all your ingenuity surpassing the challenges the game proposes with its four levels. You can do it! If you achieve it, a 5º secret level waits for you. With ‘cheat-sheets’ and help you won’t miss any of them.

Accents is a revision game designed by pedagogues that helps children practice the following content:
What activities are reviewed?

Comprehension of a narrative text
Nouns and Adjectives concepts
Difference between final-syllable stress, second-to-last syllable stress and third-to-last syllable stress words
Application of Accent Rules to words

Little Smart Planet is a gaming tool that offers a broad range of Primary School games for children to learn, reinforce and improve Spanish, Maths and English.

All our games for Primary School adapt to the learning pace of each child due to the 3 difficulty levels: easy, intermediate and hard.

However, that’s not all! Our games include a gamification reward system based on medals and trophies providing more motivation and interest for the little ones. Let’s go for the gold medal!

Find out about our 54 educational games for kids in Little Smart Planet Pro aimed at Primary School children! All these games are perfect for them to learn on the main school subjects while they are playing.

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