Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

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小林正雪2 抉擇之惑

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A brilliant game that won the 2015 Chinese individual game award is now return!

Follow the popularity of the story from the 1st series, the new “CHINEY WOOD” is adding the difficulty of the criminal case and lot’s of new elements. You will experience the most outstanding detective and escape game in the new “CHINEY WOOD”

Beside of our most popular story, case investigation, reading roles mind and messaging with the different characters to find out hints, we have also added some brand new elements to make the perfection on this series

-Map mode
This brand new map can allow you going back or forth to different scene when and where you want.
It will bring more hints and challenges for the your investigations.

-multiple endings
you will find out different endings by your intelligence of making choices. Your choice will make it happen!
Every choice will make a difference.

You will explore this outstanding interaction with “CHINEY WOOD” by questioning or typing a key word to get some hints and maybe some secrets of our characters.

-series and room escape
This series will release by different chapters, players will able to get updates from a period of time with new criminal case, updates story characters and so on. By making your choice, you will explore different endings that you can’t imagine.

In order to let you explore this amazing detective and escape game, the 1st chapter will be released for free download.
We hope you will enjoy and experience this remarkable game. We are open to all of comments and opinions.
Please feel free to contact with us by:

FB page:
QQ: 465197568
official website:

Note: This version is only for Chinese, the English version will be produced later.

By Chengwei Guo

Download from Itunes

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