Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

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New Zealand media’s unprecedented refusal to name or focus attention on March 15 mosque shooter may have paved the way for gun control legislation, according to new research : worldnews

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The media shouldn’t name the killer because there’s a well-documented contagion effect where one mass shootings leads to more.

Banning specific weapon types, on the other hand, hasn’t been shown to have any effect on the rate of mass shootings or their deadliness.

The idea presented here — that not naming the killer may have led to banning weapons — isn’t one I’ve seen before. Unfortunately the article doesn’t explain how the researchers arrived at that, and it’s pretty hard to imagine how they could have, given NZ’s sample size of exactly one bad mass shooting ever (this one).

Especially given that their closest cultural and geographic neighbor Australia also passed sprawling gun control immediately after their first high-profile mass shooting, despite the killer’s name being widely printed.

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