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This domain is for sale!

Hangman Challenge

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This is a simple hangman game that will run on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

This is an all-ages game. Nobody gets hanged and no violence is depicted. With this said, some of the words are really tough. So whatever age you are, prepare yourself for a challenge!

The 2.2.1 release comes with nine word sets and more than 1,200 words. Every word has a definition, and more than 400 of the definitions contain illustrative graphics.

English word sets included with this version of Hangman Challenge:

– U.S. States and Capitals
– Dr. Bruce’s Medical Terms
– Dr. Bruce’s Stumpers
– Colors
– Musical Notation
– Starter Set
– Spices
– Bridge

Spanish word sets included with this version of Hangman Challenge (words are in Spanish, definitions are in English).

– Common Household Words

You can play the word sets independently of one another, or you can mix them together and play them all at once.

There are no ads in this game.

By Rescue Mission Software

Download from Itunes

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