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This domain is for sale!

Hungry Fruit Bear Harvest Blast Matching Puzzler Games Free

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••••••••• Hungry Bear Fruit Match 3 •••••••••

• Creativity is your only limit, drag and drop in brainy manner !
• The game includes hundreds of levels.
• Item spray can make wormy fruit be normal
• Item hammer can break the fruit when it is not necessary
• Hand can change positions of two close fruits, once using this item you will lose 1 move
• Login Facebook to share your achievement with your Facebook friends
• Powerful powerups to entertain !
• Tones of Bonuses !
• Plant varieties of delicious fruits
• Amazing free tools !
• More Harvest more fun !
• Even Play offline…manage your farm anytime-anywhere without net.
• Unlock 10 gamecenter achievements and prove urself !
• Submit gamecenter score when you find internet connectivity.
• Retina Display – HD Graphics. Enjoy !
• Collect hidden and rare items as you discover a new system tools

How To Play :
Combine 3 fruits in a line, you will get 3 fruits. Combine 4 fruits, you will receive 4 fruits bonus a fruit basket and 1 featuring fruit that can eat the whole vertical or horizontal row. Combine 5 fruits in a right angle, you can get 5 fruits and bonus two baskets and a fruit that can eat all 9 surrounding fruits. Combine 5 fruits in a line, you can get 5 fruits and bonus 5 baskets, and a god pitcher that can eat all the fruits swiping with it. Beautifully designed with 6 kinds of fruits: mangos, lime fruits, custard-apples, red peppers, plums, pears.

By Greg Garrison

Download from Itunes

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