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This domain is for sale!

This domain is for sale!

BubbleJump! Starring BAM the Monkey in this high flying FUN Free Game for Kids of All Ages

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Description: BubbleJump! is the top rated new FREE kid’s game (for all ages) that was designed with crisp, cutting edge graphics, whimsical soundtracks, stimulating sound effects and simple to use tilt control (leaning your mobile device from side to side) to guide BAM the Monkey higher and higher – while helping to improve kids eye-hand coordination with a fun and exciting gameplay. BubbleJump! features and increasing speed of flight and difficulty with bubble-bursting obstacles, such as paper airplanes, toxic bubbles and lightning clouds, and also allows the user to make use of soap bonuses, stars and parachutes for added sky soaring scores.

BubbleJump! Features:

– Stunning Mobile Graphics
– Endless Progression
– Ever Increasing Difficulty
– Whimsical Music
– Stimulating Sound Effects
– Stop & Go Gameplay

About BAM

BAM the Monkey was born on July 4th, 2012 in the not so very far away and never ending land called Created Space. As an infant, he loved to get into trouble building his super monkey business skills. He discovered “app’ers” or people of all ages who downloaded his apps that would help him in his travels of mystery and mischief. Before finding the app’ers, he would climb the tallest trees and jump onto backs of the tweets that flew by, jumping from one character to the other. That was before he learned how to jump into Bubbles and ride them as high as the app’ers would help him. Always testing the boundaries of Created Space, there are plenty of high scores and challenges that still await him. BAM is hoping you’ll help him get to the edge of Created Space and, in return, he will help you gain the highest level of respect from your friends and social circles. Who knows, he may even award you with something much bigger if you earn the right to take him to the Tournament of App’ers… But for now, your mystery and mischief await!

About BMG Gaming

BMG Gaming is a creative division of BMG Media – the global leader in digital media marketing, consulting and strategic design concepts. Focusing on the development of interactive mobile games for all ages, BMG Gaming promises to rise to the challenge of innovation, screen appeal, playability and sheer awesomeness in each and every one of our mobile games for Apple devices.

By BMG Media, LLC

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