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This domain is for sale!

Totally Epic Battle Simulator: Devise War Strategy

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Kill them all & Leave no one behind

Step into the battlefield as an army troop commander and witness one of the most epic battles ever seen in the history; Because in Totally Epic Battle Simulator game you will devise a strategy, hand pick your warriors and lead them in to the warzone.
The world is on fire and you have to command an entire toon hero force consisting of infantry, mines, war tanks, turrets and mercenary against your enemy military troops. It’s time to engage in a spectacularly real battle with unmatched strategy by hand picking and building your own war army troop; Rise from nothing and become one of the greatest warlord in this battle simulator game.

In Totally Epic Battle Simulator the power of ammunition is not everything use your wits, tactics and accurate strategy to defeat your rivals! the key to victory on the battlefield is all in about how tactfully you build your army of infantry, battle tanks, turrets and mercenaries; in this war simulator game, all you have to do is win battles, get points and upgrade your troops and arsenals.

2 nations battle each other for the ultimate glory and victory. You have been chosen as the troop commander, and it’s time to put your war instincts to some good use. Develop a strategy that your enemies can’t even think of, either command your troops to ambush the enemy or send the assault rifle soldiers first and let the snipers and battle tanks defend your army base against the enemy assault.

Conquer every war that you face by building a totally accurate strategy. C’mon commander an exciting journey of dynamic and exciting real battles are awaits you in this epic war simulator game.

By Fazbro Studio

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