Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

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Schoolbus Driving Simulator

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3D schoolbus driving simulator is a game for the real skilled drivers out there. Start driving this amazingly realistic 3D schoolbus without the need of a drivers license. In this realistic 3D schoolbus driving simulator you have to pick up some kids by the bus stop and bring them to the next one, without destroying your bus. You will be amazed by the 3D city where you are driving in. Do you enjoy driving simulators? Then you should definitely download this amazing real driving simulator!
The 3D schoolbus will be easy to control because of the steering wheel and the pedals on the screen. The easy controls will be needed because parking and driving this 3D schoolbus will be very difficult and requires a lot of skills.
3D Schoolbus Driving Simulator features:
– The driving physics are amazingly realistic
– Easy to control, this makes it fun to play for all ages
– Many different levels of parking and driving, so you will learn everything about driving one of these big 3D school buses
– An amazing 3D city to drive in with your big yellow schoolbus
This realistic driving game is for the real driving simulator lovers. Are you done with the normal/ordinary driving games and in for something new? You should download this new free real driving game! With its amazing features and easy controls, this school bus driving simulator is the best among the other driving games!
Do you have what it takes to complete this real driving simulator game? Do you really think you can do this? Well, we challenge you to complete the 15 different levels of this 3D schoolbus driving simulator game. If you can do this you can proudly call yourself a real busdriver!

By nando rouw

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