Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

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This domain is for sale!

Sport Car Driving Extreme Parking Simulator

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The Best Realistic Traffic Sport Car Simulator! Traffic Mode, Extreme Mode, Drift Mode, Parking Mode, Career Mode and Free Drive Mode!

This is the best racing simulation game in mobile platform. Get ready to drive with best realistic car design.

– 6 different sport car simulation mode
– The Best Realistic sport car drive

* Best drifting with drift mode. You can do realistic drifts in streets, racing circuit, dessert or free field.

* You can drive in traffic with traffic mode. Look out the cars in the traffic though, we don’t want to hurt anybody.

* You can drive freely with free mode. All the roads; streets, desserts and racing circuits are waiting for you. Chose your car and start excitement.

* Reach the target with Career mode. Reach the target before your time is out. Reach the peak on world ranking. Follow the arrow and don’t miss the targets.

– Realistic 3D graphics. You will live real car driving experience with different cars, cities, racing circuits and desserts.

– Different 13 sport car options. All cars has different speeds, different options and different drive options.

– Realistic Cars and City Graphics

– 3 different control options

* Button Control: You can use buttons to control the car. It’s the easiest and basic control option.

* Tilt Control: You can use this control options with tilting your phone right to or left to right. It’s the best and realistic way to drive your car.

* Wheel Control: It’s a little bit challenging. Although after you get use to it, you won’t use any other control options.

– Different camera views

* Outside car camera option
* Inside car camera option
* Wheel camera option

– Free different car colors. Without paying anything you can change the colors of the car.

– You can raise money with free money collection and you can buy the car you want

– Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you are thinking about the game

By Mustafa Er

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