Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

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This domain is for sale!

Drive And Shoot : Death Race

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Welcome to Death Race-The Ultimate Car Shooter and Killer game. Enjoy the new gaming Experince of Racing and Shooting at single plateform.
Get ready to experience a new adventure of Car Shooting and Car Racing.Death Race is a combo of racing game with car shooting game.
Experince new designed racing car track. The road racing track is full of enemy cars making hurdles in you way. But Don’t worry the track is
also full of weapons placed at different spots. Grab the weapons like machine guns, missile launchers etc kill all enemy vehicles coming your way.
Grab the weapons as soon as the appear on track racing and shoot enemy cars before they bump cars into your’s. Afraid! You can’t bump into enmey
cars but they can. Don’t worry we have shield for you. Pick the shield from track as it appears and bump into as many enemy car racingwith you.
And burn them to asshes. But be carefull! as the shield will stay for limited time only. So control your car before time runs out and you loose
your car. Each car you shoot and destroy will give you ponts. Earn as much points as you can before time runs out.

If you are a car racer lover with some action and shooting mixed then you are at right place. Download this game and enjoy our best fun having
3D car racing and car shooting game. The Game on and full of action. Get your car Customize from the garage. Unlock new added featured 3D cars
with dashing look and enjoy you ride while destroying and killing enemy cars. Become a Killing machine. Show your Expertise of driving skills
with shooting adventure. Don’t let enemy cars go away destroy enemy cars before they disappear or attack you and earn ponits.
Hope you’ll enjoy the game. Thanks.

By The Tecknis Games

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