Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

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This domain is for sale!

A Downhill Skateboard Race – Free Skater Racing Game

1 min read

“Love the game! :)”
“For all ages. ”
“It is a lot of fun! ”

Welcome to Downhill height’s skateboard obstacle ring. This is one of the most adrenaline pumping zones for skateboarders in the city. Compete to become the best of the best by coin collecting and unlocking new characters. But be careful this area has some serious dangerous obstacles.
Playing is very easy! Just avoid colliding with other objects while collecting as many skater coins as you can. The collected the coins can be used to unlock more characters.
What are you waiting for? Bring your skateboard and see if you can beat the downhill!

→ Epic colorful graphics
→ Cool music
→ Easy to understand game play
→ Fun skateboard adventure
→ Play with up to 3 different characters
→ Game Center supported

By Florian Porkert

Download from Itunes

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