Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

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This domain is for sale!

Innocent Heroes RPG

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Fight against over 200 vicious monsters until you die. Retrieve 30 hidden treasures.
Explore various fields and beat boss monsters.

In the Innocent Heroes RPG, you may die from starvation. So be careful on your Hunger Point.
Everything happens very quickly.

What you ultimately want to do is to die honorably.
Only for a player who finally collects 30 hidden treasures can see the ending of this game.

■ What makes this game special ■

– 9 Characters with different stats
– Broad map and rapid battle system
– Over 400 equipment and items
– Boss monsters and hidden quests
– 40 legendary treasures

■ Contacts ■

– Developer of this game likes receiving emails from his players. (because he is bored now)
– Bug Report & Requests :
– Just chatting with developer :

By Jonghoon Han

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