Wed. May 27th, 2020

This domain is for sale!

This domain is for sale!

Italy to become first country to make learning about climate change compulsory for school students : worldnews

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What is it teaching them? It can cause an increasing divide and prejudice having a much worse adverse effect. Where they’re simply reliant on a narrative. It is simply offering consumption currently and not nearly the entire truth. And no I don’t agree, at all, if it isn’t being taught properly.

There is as much a human effect, this is quite negative, where our innovation is often the greed of products that have faster caused it, and it has a heap of concerns from overpopulation, waste, pollution, emission, as even our planet’s simple geology, and its alignment in our solar system. Humans don’t control the weather. We also affect it.

Last time I checked, we don’t cause the moon and sun to rotate giving day and night, hot and cold. But as we populate we sooner waste and emit, it also warms a globe where its weather changes throughout our seasons. On a planet’s shifting crust moving and rotating.

What is being taught, buy an iphone and you too are climate aware? Where if you install some other electricity you can power your dog? An oxymoron right.

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