Wed. May 27th, 2020

This domain is for sale!

This domain is for sale!

Action Adventure Hero vs Alien Space Shooter Free War Games HD

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Aliens are attacking you, find a way to survive, find a way to destroy all the aliens and win the battle of planet wars.

*** New Multi-Player Version – Play with Friends In HD ****

Use your skills and new powerful weapons to destroy this massive take over before it is too late. The aliens are all different some large, some small, some have bombs strapped to them and some have laser guns, and some mutate into different things.

Find their weaknesses and be the victor. Use the arsenal of weapons that are provided.

*** Weapons Check ***

1. New Weapons To Seek and Destroy

2. Powerful Grenade Launchers

3. Hi Level Pulse Launcher

4. Flying Capabilities to help you levitate

5. Different Levels with Hordes of Aliens each time Attacking

6. Loads of fun and tons of weapons

7. Game Center Capabilities

*** Now Multiplayer – Play your friends and win bragging rights *****

Warning: This game is very intense and very fun, if you are not able to have fun then dont play this game…. Win The Battle And Win the War!

By Jesse Miller

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