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Flight Simuator New York FlyWings Night Fly 2015 Free

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Featured as the best flight simulator for mobile devices, Flight Simulator Night NY 2015 is the perfect flight simulation experience for those who loves aviation in general. Fly the most famous aircrafts in the world New York city. Choose a set of weather conditions and aircraft configurations to improve the realism and your needs to test and challenge yourself during your flight.

• 16 aircrafts. (commercial, cargo and instruction planes and military jet fighters!)
• 400 missions to play, including flight lessons to take off, landing and planning.
• Huge map, extending the dimensions of New York city, covering more than 50.000 miles
• All the runway and taxiways from all airports.
• ATC communications and air traffic (specially amazing during the night)
• Time and weather conditions, including turbulence and “wind shears”.
• One special simulation feature for Endeavour Space Shuttle!
• Replay funciont to improve and correct your skills of flying a plane.
• And more!

If you played our other simulations you know how committed we from Thetis Games are to develop the best experience of simulators and detailed aircrafts as we can! During the development process, we try to make it fast to load, very compatible with as many devices as we can, and at the same time, caring a lot about the realism! Please, contact us to give your feedback! (

More detailed informations:

Group of planes
– instruction.
– commercial
– cargo and transportation
– military jets

– Cezna 172
– Boing 747-400
– Leerjet 60 xr
– Arbus A320
– Boing 757
– Boing 707
– Beech Musketeer
– Antonov Av-12
– Antonov Av-24
– British Aerospace BAE 147
– F-18
– F-22
– MIG-29
– SU-35
– Antonov Av-24 Militar
– Endeavour Space Shuttle

Major airports with all runways available:
– John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
– La Guardia international Airport (LGA)
– Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
– Lincoln Park Airport (N07)
– Essex County Airport (CDW)
– Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU)
– Teterboro Airport (TEB)
– Linden Airport (LDJ)

By Thetis Consulting

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