Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

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U.K. speaker vows to stop Boris Johnson from closing Parliament to force Brexit : worldnews

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Boris Johnson was recently made Prime Minister by the ruling party after the last one stepped down. If Britain gets to October 31 without approving a Brexit deal, the UK just “leaves” the EU and for a whole bunch of complicated reasons that’s the worst possible outcome. Johnson has essentially been threatening to send Parliament away for a new election cycle and tell the EU to get fucked until after Halloween if they both don’t approve his very, very stupid deal that for no reason whatsoever has been decided to be the only other option.

So, the guy in charge of Parliament, who is a civil servant and not an elected dude worried about his job, said no, that’s not happening.

This means that Parliament can keep doing things to either make a better deal with the EU, get an extension, approve a different deal, or a bunch of other things that essentially don’t let Boris Johnson, who has not won a popular vote to make him prime minister, force through a crippling ‘ignore it and hope for the best’ decision that was clearly not part of the discussion many, many years ago when a very slim majority of people voted for the general idea of “leave the EU” without any details and have never been asked for their input ever again.

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