Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

This domain is for sale!

This domain is for sale!


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Simple puzzle game using visual illusion.
Just connect the blocks by operating a camera.
Good bye to your inflexible head and get “inspiration brain”.

How to Play;
/What you should do is only to operate a camera by sliding the display.

/If you can’t go forward because of disconnected road, move the camera, and find the point where the blocks look like connected.
You can go forward, when the color of the blocks change.

/Each time you tap the button of “x1.0”, the moving speed of the red block increases.

/You can play more smoothly as you learn the operation.

/New type of Action Puzzle with visual illusion.
/Simple operation for every generation.
/Simple and smart design

Version Up;
Stages and gimmicks will be added in the update.



Download from Itunes

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